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Tana Amen is a nurse, NY Times bestselling author of " The Omni Diet" and highly respected health and fitness expert.  In addition to working side by side with her husband at the Amen Clinics, she is the author of four other successful books. 

Tana believes that everyone can change their life through their diet and believes everyone can be a warrior for their own health.

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Accolades & Accomplishments

  • Tana is a highly skilled nurse, New York Times Bestselling author, highly respected health and fitness expert, and a nationally renowned speaker, and media guest.
  • Along with her recent book "The Omni Diet", Tana is the author of four other books and is well know for being the nutrition consultant and coach for the wildly popular Daniel Plan.
  • Tana has been featured in Everyday Health's Recipe Rehab and GNC Live Well Magazine, on PBS television and Martha Stewart Living Radio.
  • Tana works alongside her husband, NY Times Bestselling author and physician Daniel Amen, M.D., offering nutritional guidance and practical support to hundreds of thousands of Amen followers at the Amen Clinics.

Dr. Daniel G. Amen is a physician, double board certified psychiatrist, teacher, eight-time New York Times bestselling author, and creator of Brain Fit Life.

He has dedicated his career to changing the lives of his patients and everyday people through helping them improve their brain health.

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Dr. Amen's Brain Fit Life Program provides:
  • A full report on your brain type and a brain-fit plan, created specifically for you.
  • Exclusive memory-boosting brain games
  • Relaxation tools for anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia and more!
  • Fitness and nutrition counseling to achieve your goals.
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